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The Green Queen is the first online fully green ecological children store in Romania, which sells a wide range of ecological high quality products designed for children.


The Green Queen wants to help our children grow up in a healthy, safe, secure, clean and stimulating environment, which is also a more sustainable world. We want to participate in changing and improving the world we live in and, while we know that this is a humankind ambition rather than a personal life objective, we also believe that even small things can contribute to the changes we want to see in our world. We can make a difference, even at a smaller scale, in an accessible manner.


The Green Queen knows that true royalty is not about being served, it is about serving the humanity. We are sure that high quality beautiful things go hand in hand with eco, bio or organic products and fair trade, in great conditions. The fact that this is possible on a daily basis is the bold proof of our range of products.


We deliver branded products from manufacturers that are dedicated in combining beautiful and quality products that bring value and sustainability. What would better serve the world, than the Green Queen’s principles?


Parents are more and more cautious when it comes to their children’ lifestyle. They want to be informed of new and improved ways that provide their children with a more healthy and safe environment, for now and for when they turn into adults.  They are aware of the options and they tend to make intelligent choices. Information is available and so are options! Green Queen provides products, which match with our core principles, and strives to always bring new quality products to the market.


We offer more than 250 products of brands which value green/ecological as much as quality and beautiful. In this way, also you, as the buyers of our products, contribute to making a better green world.



The people behind Green Queen


We, as parents and entrepreneurs, aim to give our clients easy access by shopping on-line to purchase quality and affordable green products for their children and for themselves. We know by own experience that it is not easy to find “child-friendly green” products which are affordable and attractive. We constantly assess the world supply of goods, which fit to our core principles and target to continuously bring new quality products to Romania.